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avatar for Neera K. Badhwar

Neera K. Badhwar

University of Oklahoma/George Mason University
Professor Emerita (U. of Ok)/Affiliate (GMU)
avatar for Michael Brakey

Michael Brakey

Brakey Energy, Inc.
avatar for Alexander R. Cohen

Alexander R. Cohen

The Center for the Individual
Philosopher / Activist
avatar for Aaron Day

Aaron Day

The Atlas Society
Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Walter Donway

Walter Donway

Romantic Revolution Books
Founder and director
avatar for Walter Donway

Walter Donway

Romantic Revolution Books
Publisher, Novelist, Essayist, Poet
avatar for John Joseph Enright

John Joseph Enright

Dream Theatre Company
avatar for Marsha  Familaro Enright

Marsha Familaro Enright

The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute
avatar for Adam Guillette

Adam Guillette

Moving Picture Institute
Vice President of Development
avatar for Dale Halling

Dale Halling

Law Office of Dale B. Halling, PC
Patent Attorney
avatar for Don Hauptman

Don Hauptman

Freelance writer
avatar for Stephen Hicks

Stephen Hicks

Rockford University
Professor of Philosophy
avatar for Edward Hudgins

Edward Hudgins

The Atlas Society
Director of Advocacy
avatar for James Lapeyre Jr

James Lapeyre Jr

Laitram, LLC
President and CEO
avatar for Michelle Kamhi

Michelle Kamhi

Independent scholar and critic on the arts
avatar for David Kelley

David Kelley

The Atlas Society
Chief Intellectual Officer
avatar for Vinay Kolhatkar

Vinay Kolhatkar

The Savvy Street
Chief Editor, Publisher, Columnist
avatar for George Lambert

George Lambert

Advisory Board
avatar for Gary Lawson

Gary Lawson

Boston University
Philip S. Beck Professor of Law
avatar for Steve Nahm

Steve Nahm

salesforce.com, inc.
avatar for Kathy Prellwitz

Kathy Prellwitz

Ridewater Communicty College
Lecturer in English and Philosophy
avatar for Rebecca Reale

Rebecca Reale

Infancy Studies Lab
Research psychologist
avatar for Kim Sawyer

Kim Sawyer


Lisa Striker

Striker Marketing Solutions
avatar for William R. Thomas

William R. Thomas

The Atlas Society
Director of Programs / CFO
avatar for Carol Ventresca

Carol Ventresca

SynGenics Corporation
Systems Engineer, Corporate Executive
avatar for Clara Del Villar

Clara Del Villar

Hispanic Post
Founder and Editor in Chief

Beth Weaver

System Engineer

Alan Yottey

Open to Opportunities
Consultant - Business Analyst / Project Manager